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Trans Am Shaker Assemblies

Here are a few pictures of Trans Am Shaker assemblies

The 1977 T/A shaker is a low rise shaker, they do not come above the hood very far.

In 1978 they made the scoop taller.

Here is a picture and dimensions of the 1979 air cleaner sent to me by Bill Boyle.

Note the size of the "snout",  the 1978/1979 220 HP motors have a larger snout than the 185 HP motor.

This is the air cleaner in my 1978 T/A.

The bottom view of my 1978 T/A hood scoop.

This is a 1976 bird using a Performer intake and Performer 750 cfm Carb.

A 1/2" spacer was used to regain lost height. Thanks to Kevin for this picture

If you have a 301, 403, or any other T/A hood scoop that is not on here please


The Following info by mailto:TenthYrTA@aol.com
The 79 301,400 and 403 all used the scoop with casting" 549533 barnum fibre co"  or it may have  The 403 has a 16 7/8 ring diameter with glue on weather seal 
adapter height is 3/4" at front, 1 15/16" at rear . It may have the number 10010213 on it.
The 400 has 16 3/4" ring diameter glue on weather seal 
adapter height is 1/2" at front , 1 3/16" at rear , and
has the tabs in the inner ring area .
The 301 has same 16 3/4 ring with push in retainers, 
adapter height is flush at front , 3/4" at rear 
(this was a late built shaker 7-02-79) , and
also has the tabs like the 400. 

1979 403 1979 403 1979 403

The 81 5.0 is casting 10010213 and 10013723 scoop has the bulge ( as far as I know the 4.9 is same casting ) 
ink stamped (on mine) 10010221 5-12-81 
15 3/8 ring diameter with push in retainers 
adapter height is 3/4" at front , and 1 1/2" at rear .

1981 5.0 1981 5.0 1981 5.0

See his page on shakers at Shaker Scoop ID.
Hood Scoop Part Numbers
Year  Engine Part Number
1970-1972 All 481689
1974 GTO 350 497085
1976 400/455 491982
1977-1979 400 10010211
1977-1979 403 10010210
1979 301 10010209
1980 301 W/T48 10012062
1980-1981 305  W/T48 10010221
 1981 301 W/T48 10013722
1976-1981 RETAINER 10004184


 A good source to find a scoop is Ebay. Search Ebay for Trans Am Hood Scoop.


send me some pictures of it 78blackbird@thepontiactransampage.com


Feel free to drop me a note. * I am looking for some good articles for the third and fourth gen birds. If you have any that you would like to see on this site send them to me and I will post them on my site.     

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