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Kitt the Knightrider Trans Am

What was Knight Rider?

A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. Knight Rider the TV series ran from 1982 to 1986.  The show started on Friday nights and later moved to Sunday night. It starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight.. But the main attraction of Knight Rider was Michael Knight's car, KITT a Trans Am or black t-top as they sometimes called it. They had KITT using "turbo boost" to jump over things, it could talk, and operate on its own. Knight Rider was canceled in 1986 by NBC when executives said that ratings had declined and the audience had disappeared.  Lasting 4 seasons, Knight Rider aired 84 episodes, six of which were two hours in length. NBC gave the show a high budget and most of the special effects were sophisticated and required stunt drivers. The show soon grew so fast that the Pontiac Trans-Am the show had modeled the car after had caused high demand for Pontiac. 


These are specs that were listed in a Kitt brochure:

VEHICLE TYPE: Front engine, rear wheel drive, two
passenger, two door coupe
DIMENSIONS: Wheel base(101 in.) Length(189.8 in.)
Width(72 in.) Height(37.2 in.)

ENGINE TYPE: Knight Industries turbojet with modified

TRANSMISSION: 8 speed microprocessor turbodrive with auto
pilot (needs no driver)

STEERING: TYPE> Modified rack-and-pinion
TURN-CIRCLE> 2ft. with rocket assist
BRAKES: Type- Electromagnetic hyper-vacuum disc

CHASSIS/BODY-- TYPE>Unit construction
BODY MATERIAL>Classified (compound is
virtually indestructible)

PRICE NEW: $11,400,000 est.

ACCELERATION: 0-60mph>.2 seconds with power boosters
Standing 1/4 mile>4.286sec.@300mph
BRAKING: 14ft.(70-0 mph)

FUEL ECONOMY: Classified (to avoid heart attacks in Detroit)

ACCESSORY FEATURES: Operationally controlled by the Knight
Industries 2000 microprocessor. Features include: Auto
Cruise, Auto Pursuit, Auto Collision Avoidance (with
over-ride option), and Emergency Eject. Knight 2000
microprocessor is equipped with a computer "voice," known as
"KITT." Complete audio/video in-dash entertainment/
surveillance capabilities including radar, sonar, and x-ray.


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I have no clue as to what it says other than  it is about Knight Rider



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